Phasequad Games

Was founded by professional 3D Artist in 2015.
Our studio creates racing games, city maps, urban details and vehicle models.

For this years we made a huge collection of game ready 3D car models, more than 300 models, city maps for open world games, 3D car tuning in any style, more than 150 tuning projects, car physics. We works with game studios in Turkey, Germany, USA, China, Russia, Japan, around the world, Unity, Unreal, any game engine.

We have a huge experience in game design, make a unique projects for your racing games and can make any car model what you need, cyber car with future vision design, fastest drift guy with bodykits and vinyls, restrained sedan for driving in night city or trucks and buses for simulators. By photos, by video, car design just from our head, tuning on your models, detailed interior into models, workable guages and lights, UV's maps for vynils.

We make a difficult urban constructors and city 3D models for easy and fast creation of games with open world on any platforms and come up a many ideas which used in professional projects everyday.

We outer of polytics - we are professionals. Love building design, cars, tuning, racing games and ready to work everyday, everynight with fastest deadlines. Thank you for interest of our work, thank you for playing in our games and buying our assets.

With our studio you can create your project very simple. Follow the leaders.